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What are Zero Day Threats ???????

It is a virus or spyware or malware or scumware that is so new that the anti-virus or firewall program

 you are using does not know about the threat, and will not stop the infection of your computer.

All anti-virus programs work by using the signature of known threats.

When an email is downloaded or a program run, your security programs compares the potential threat to a list of known threats.

 If the new addition to your computer is a threat the destructive action is stopped.

 It works just the same as your body, when you have your annual flu shot.

You are protected from this year’s flu virus, not every flu virus in the world.

How do you protect yourself ?

1) Run the signature update program


for the anti-virus and firewall programs,

installed on your computer before downloading

email or surfing the net.


If you are an all day business

computer user you should signature update three times per day.


If your computer is switched off or hibernated over night

always update anti-virus signatures before

downloading email or surfing the net.


2) Run a Zero Day Threat protection program.


We recommend Malwarebytes  Premium as a Zero Day Threat protection program


We also recommend as minimum you have a Router, Anti-Virus and

Software Fire Wall plus


Plus Additional


Adware Spyware removal programs



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