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What Most Computer Shops Do When They Remove A Virus or Reload Your Computer



Most shops will offer to remove a virus or reload your system for as little as $60, but

in most cases the system is only fixed for few days.

The virus or problem is hidden deep in your system ready to reinfect your system.

They want your system back in a month or two, to make some more money off you for another reload.

 Plus they make money off your friends computers that your computer system infects.

Why fix it correctly ?

Unless you are a company like The Business Tuner, where we are

looking for a long term service relationships with our customers,

not a fast buck.


Most computer systems need a total clean reload, not what is done by the computer

owner or at a lot of shops, ..... just using the disk that came with the computer system

to reload the system.


Most shops just take your computer in the back room, hook it up,

put in a disk, hit a few keys,

and charge you $40, $60, $100 for 15 minutes work.


You take your business system and start using it, then it gets

infected again and back you come to the shop to pay some more money.

Round and round you go.....on a merry-go-round, spending lots of money.


The bottom line is,

Virus and Spyware creators are not stupid !


They bury their destructive software code deep in the bowels of your system,


unless special tools are used to remove the infection, it will come back.


We use special tools to clean your hard drive as required, then

 reload Windows, plus do the latest Windows service packs

and add other software to keep the system clean.

Finally we reload your data after removing any infections,

from that data.


Then as a professional technicians we will instruct you on how to

stop future infections from happening again.


Also, before we reload your system, we will run complete diagnostics

on your system before spending your hard earned money

on a system that will not be reliable after the reload.


For professional service contact

The Business Tuner

(604) 309-6789


All the above software and documents are for use at your own risk.

"Always make a complete image backup of

your system before adding or removing any software"


 You agree, as the user of these downloaded  products, 

to take full responsibility for any and all actions they perform. 

No other liability, expressed or implied


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