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*** Spyware Warnings ***


The removal of some Adware Spyware programs may cause concerns

with your computer's operations, such as your

internet connection my NOT be functional after the removal of

the Adware Spyware programs. 

This is part of the Adware Spyware programs design to

make removal impossible without reloading your computer, in this way

the program authors can continue to spy on your computing and surfing

until a total operating system format and reload 

is completed by a technician. It is recommend, you scan

your system with Adware Spyware removal programs for Adware Spyware, and if

Adware Spyware is found you should make a complete IMAGE backup of

your system's hard drive before removing or cleaning your system of Adware Spyware.

If you require technical assistance completing the above

The Business Tuner would be happy to help you at our usual rates.


Adware / Spyware

and a solution


What is Adware / Spyware ?