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Why is it Better To Have A Computer Serviced in Your Home or Office


Not Take The System To A Computer Shop or Store



The Benefits


Not unhooking your system, and transporting the

system on your valuable time.


Not risking damage to your valuable system.


Finding that the problem is not with your

system, but with the equipment hooked 

to your computer at your business office.


Not having your valuable system user data such as

confidential information such as pictures, documents

erased or lost during a system reload.

This common problem with some shops, their

standard fix for all problems is to erase or

format your hard drive and reload the

original operating system.


Not having someone without your knowledge look

through your system data for valuable and

confidential information such as pictures, documents

and passwords to sell or

use for their own purposes.


You get to show the problem to

the technician so the problem

is clearly understood the

first time.

No taking your system 

back and forth to the shop

until they understand the problem 

and fixed it.


The most important benefit, is not losing the use

of your system for days or weeks for a minor problem.

Where the shop takes your system in for repair

and takes days or  weeks to return the system.

Most times 

The Business Tuner

makes repair in a short time

with out disconnecting 

your system at your home or office.


It must be noted some problems are

better fixed in a shop.

Why ?

A repair that requires a total system reload,

which involves doing an image backup

of your valuable data and system settings,

is an example of this type of repair.

The technician may need up to double the actual time

the physical work takes to fix your system.

Due to the fact computer the needs time to

 load software or download updates.

The technician can be doing other work

and not billing you for every hour.


For in home or in office service

in the Abbotsford BC area


The Business Tuner

or call

(604) 309-6789




All the above software and documents are for use at your own risk.

"Always make a complete image backup of

your system before adding or removing any software"


 You agree, as the user of these downloaded  products, 

to take full responsibility for any and all actions they perform. 

No other liability, expressed or implied


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