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What is Adware Spyware?

Software that is loaded on your computer without

your knowledge to spy on your surfing habits.

This software maybe loaded at anytime during

casual internet surfing or as part of a 

useful program you download and install.



Adware / Spyware

and a solution


The software is used to send you targeted advertising or to steal

your bank account numbers, plus other personal private information

as you unknowingly use your computer for everyday tasks.

Also your computer web camera may be turned on without your knowledge

to spy into your business office

Always cover the lens of your web cam when it is not in use, so Spyware

can not use your camera to spy into your office or home

without your knowledge


Your present Anti-Virus software does not stop Adware

Spyware from sending you unsolicited ads. Also the

Adware Spyware loaded on your computer may send

everything that you type to unknown persons

without knowledge or permission.  

Adware Spyware also slows your system by doing

someone elseís computer work not yours, by stealing

your computerís processing power.


As Adware Spyware software is legal in North

America, you must use a piece of software from Europe

to stop this type of threat.  



We recommend you install the following

three software packages on your system,

as each package is required to fight

the Adware Spyware threat.

We install these packages on every new system

and on every service call.


Even the BEST Anti-Virus Program Does NOT Totally Protect YOU From Spyware !


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Malwarebytes Product Page


Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is an anti-malware application that can thoroughly remove

 even the most advanced malware. It includes a number of features,

including a built in protection monitor that blocks malicious processes before they even start.



We recommend you purchase the paid version


to protect your system from Adware and Spyware




As a company we load the above products on every service call and show the

computer user how to keep their systems, Spyware and Malware free.


*** Warnings ***


The removal of some Adware Spyware programs may cause concerns

with your computer's operations, such as your

internet connection my NOT be functional after the removal of

the Adware Spyware programs. 

This is part of the Adware Spyware programs design to

make removal impossible without reloading your computer, in this way

the program authors can continue to spy on your computing and surfing

until a total operating system format and reload 

is completed by a technician. It is recommend, you scan

your system with Adware Spyware removal programs, and if

Adware Spyware is found you should make a complete IMAGE backup of

your system hard drive before removing or cleaning your system of Adware Spyware.

If you require technical assistance completing the above

The Business Tuner would be happy to help you at our usual rates.



Other Computer Tips


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Download a ZIP of Self-Extracting EXE of ISO Image of the Ultimate (FULL) Free Diagnostic CD

Download a ZIP of Self-Extracting EXE of ISO Image of the Ultimate (BASIC) Free Diagnostic CD

To Purchase or find out more about the Ultimate Boot CD click the button or link below

 Click for Ultmiate Boot CD Web Site



All the above software and documents are for use at your own risk.

"Always make a complete image backup of

your system before adding or removing any software"


 You agree, as the user of these downloaded  products, 

to take full responsibility for any and all actions they perform. 

No other liability, expressed or implied


By the placing

file sharing software or links or information on this site

The Business Tuner does not in any form

agree with the infringement of copyrighted material

for any purpose.


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