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Why  Most Customers DO NOT need to Buy A Custom Built Computer

and what they get from most companies when they buy one

For the most part most customers do not need the performance of a

custom built computer system unless they are a extremely high end

gamers or business users.


The price of factory built, fully tested and warranted computer systems

have drop so sharply in the last few years, it is almost impossible to

build a good computer system from parts from a wholesaler with todays labour costs

and make a profit so you can stay in business.


So what happens is 'so called' custom builders cut corners !


They Use


 Used parts

End of line parts

Warranty return parts

Bin parts

Mismatched parts

 Parts from manufacture over runs

No Name parts

Parts from companies that are out business

Parts that are no longer supported


a lot of illegal or counterfeit software is sometimes loaded.

See our page 

Protect Yourself and Your Investment


Buy two supposedly identical  systems from the same company

 on the same day and you will usually get different parts inside each system.


So, now suppose, you buy one of these systems

will you be able to get parts and service for the system

down the road???????

even next week ????


If the company you had build the system goes out 

of business you have an orphan system

with NO warranty.


It is up to you, we will happily build you a custom

computer system, with quality name brand components,

plus we will warranty the complete system.


For more information 

about custom build systems


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