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Are Your Computer Investment $$$$$$ Burning Up ?

If any temperature in your computer is consistently over 

40 degrees centigrade

with peak temperatures of over 50 degrees centigrade,

your computer investment is literally burning itself up

by shorting the life expectancy of all the components

of your system.


High computer system temperatures can also cause

possible system crashes and possible data loss.


How do I find out if my computer is running too hot ?


Download and Install 

SpeedFan - Free Computer Fan Controller and Temperature Checker by  Almico


What if my computer is running too hot ?

How do I correct the problem ?




If Speedfan shows the CPU or FAN #1 in your system as not running or

varying greatly call for technical service immediately 




Remove all items around the computer that may stop airflow.



Then, if your computer temperatures continue to show over 40 degrees centigrade

in Speedfan


Have a service person clean your computer inside and out.....dust holds in heat.


Then, if the system is still running hot,


Have a service person add more fans to your computer system.


before your $$$$$ burn up.


Of course, if your computer is running hot in the winter time 

your computer system will really run hot and

possibly fail in the summer time.



If you require any assistance setting up Speedfan or 

lowering the internal temperature of your computer system


The Business Tuner



Save with Remote Computer Repair and Support Services



All the above software and documents are for use at your own risk.

"Always make a complete image backup of

your system before adding or removing any software"


 You agree, as the user of these downloaded  products, 

to take full responsibility for any and all actions they perform. 

No other liability, expressed or implied


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