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Household or Business AC Power Issues

“The Second Greatest Cause of PC Hardware Failures”

The First Cause of Hardware Failure Is Over Heating

PC Hardware is the power supply, motherboard, hard drive, and other physical components.

AC Power issues can also cause software program issues such as lockups.

The normal AC voltage that comes from a wall outlet is 117V.

The power must also have the correct polarity and grounding

or a computer power supply failure may occur.

When a computer power supply fails, most times

other component in the computer are damaged causing

costly repairs.

What should I do ?

1) Check AC outlet polarity and grounding with

a simple inexpensive five dollar tester from a hardware store.

If any issues are found you should call an electrician.

2) Check the AC voltage with a voltmeter for a

voltage between 114V and 124V.

If any issues are found you should call an electrician.

3) Install a UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

which a battery to supply the computer

during AC outlet over voltage, under voltage and

or power outage. This allows the computer to

shut down gracefully without crashing to a stop.

The Business Tuner can help you

with all the above tests and a UPS install.

Also we can do detailed AC testing at your business

with our very high end recording voltmeter.

This will find hidden AC issues

allowing you to deal with your Hydro supplier

 or your building owner about power issues



The Business Tuner



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