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A Mistake That Can Cost A Business Computer User Thousands Of Dollars

N O T 

Backing Up Their Computer System(s).


70% Of Companies Go Out of Business After A Major Data Loss

20% Of Companies Suffer A Major Data Loss Every Five Years

Computer backups are about the most misunderstood item in computer operation.

On the average service call we encounter comments ranging from:

"What is a backup"


"We have never had a problem"




"We backup our data to the cloud or compact disks"



Why do we backup a computer?

It is like buying insurance, costs money, but nice to have when

the computer fails or gets stolen or, 

the house or business burns down or 

you accidentally delete an important document.



Two Types of Backups


Data Only

Backing only the items you create, such as documents and accountings files.

This is better than nothing !!!

However, are you making copies of ALL your important files ?

I bet, if I checked your system, you missed some important

items such as all your emails and or computer settings.


If your computer system goes down, burns up, or is stolen.

You will have to reload your operating system, your programs and data

from your backups.

Then after HOURS of doing the above, plus trying to find your email settings

and all those little items you have changed to personalize

your computer over the years.

You MAY have a running workable computer system.

This usually takes an average time of 20 hours.


Things will still be missing or lost for weeks and months,


never works correctly.


Your computer is like it just came out of the box,

with some of your data installed,

with all extra programs and all little things you

personalize on your system, 

lost forever 

unless you spend 

hours and hours,

finding them.



Image Backup


The Best Way To Backup A Computer !!!!


An image backup is snapshot of your computer system.

A perfect copy at the time it is done.

Using software and an extra external hard drive(s), you make

a compressed perfect copy of all your files,

settings and everything that makes

your computer run.


If there is problem you can reload just one item


the complete computer


a short time ( usually under 2 hours )

your system is up an running

as if nothing has happened.



Example of a USB External Hard Drive Kit We Install



What ever backup method you decide is best for situation

Always, Always make two copies.


One copy is kept onsite in your business office


One copy is kept off site at a safe location to protect 

your valuable information in the event of total loss

of your business  office or computer.


Remember during break-ins thieves usually 

steal the your complete computer system

and a fire in your home or office

will leave you with nothing.


If you require any help setting up a backup system for your computers,


The Business Tuner 



All the above software and documents are for use at your own risk.

"Always make a complete image backup of

your system before adding or removing any software"


 You agree, as the user of these downloaded  products, 

to take full responsibility for any and all actions they perform. 

No other liability, expressed or implied


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